Guest Experience and Satisfaction

Guest Experience and Satisfaction Suite

Our guest experience and satisfaction suite provides the most comprehensive approach available for positively influencing repeat business and new guest referrals. It has been refined over 20 years working with top tourism organizations. It is the only approach that integrates a view of influential experiences across the entire guest life cycle.

The guest life cycle has three stages: vacation planning, on site guest experience and post-vacation experience.

Guest experience and satisfaction starts with the reservations experience.Vacation Planning Experience

Vacationer’s expectations of vacation planning and reservations processes are evolving rapidly. It’s imperative for your resort to evolve rapidly with them. You will learn how to engage your future guests in a compelling vacation planning experience that increases your marketing effectiveness and revenue.


Mountain resort guest experience and satisfaction pertains to everything from arrival to departure.On Site Guest Experience

The guest experience includes getting to and from your resort and everything that happens in between. Guest satisfaction is largely dependent on each guest’s persona. You will learn how to configure resort services in ways that optimize guest satisfaction for each persona you serve.


Post Vacation ExperienceThe guest experience and satisfaction after the vacation ends is presenting new innovation opportunities.

The guest satisfaction your created during guest visits is activated to maximize repeat visits and referrals. You will gain insights into how to configure your customer relationship management and referral programs to influence these behaviors. Initiatives can include a wide array of programs involving social media, email, printed communications and events.


Vacation Behavior is a leader in identifying psycho-social, emotionally driven influences on guest behavior. We help leisure and tourism marketers fortify the guest experience and satisfaction. That translates to increased guest loyalty, repurchases and referrals. We share our unique perspectives in our work with clients and in publications such as these:

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